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3 October 2019 - 4 October 2019
Grado (Gorizia), Italy
SYAT - Ship & Yacht advanced technology 2019


Regional Congress Palace
Viale Italia, 2
34073 Grado (Gorizia)

GPS coordinates: 45°40'43.1"N 13°23'55.1"E

Grado is a tourist town of the North Adriatic Sea, located between Trieste and Venice. It is the favorite destination for many Italian and foreign tourists who are looking for a holiday dedicated to the sun and the sea, family-friendly, faraway from everyday stress. 

The magic of the historic town centre and the quality of its services.

This island has everything from its traditional, old fishing village and historic town centre, with a labyrinth of alleys and tiny squares; a Y-shaped harbour which acts as the town salon; a seafront which appears suspended between land and sky, where you can enjoy a stroll at any time of the year; hotel structures suitable for all needs and international beach resorts offering prompt, top quality service.

With 25 kilometres of extraordinarily rich nature make Grado lagoon the most beautiful basin in the Mediterranean.

A true paradise for birdwatching, the Lagoon consists of two nature reserves holding precious biodiversity: Val Cavanata and Isola della Cona, easily accessible by bicycle and the ideal destination for enjoyable family trips.

To discover the lagoon you can take a motorboat trip towards Porto Buso or as far as the
Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Maria on the island of Barbana, or hire a boat for excursions with friends or family and enjoy the splendid waters and wild nature of Banco d’Orio.

Don’t miss a trip among the casoni (the typical home of the lagoon fishermen with a thatched roof)!

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Viale Italia, 2
34073 Grado (Gorizia), Italy
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